The choice to assign seats at your wedding reception or not can seem to be a difficult one, however . . .

Unless you have less than 30 or so guests, it is recommended that you assign your guests to a certain table. Otherwise, you may have families who can't find seats together. There's one seat open at table 9 and two seats open at table 3, or people start moving chairs around to be with friends and all of a sudden you've got one table with 14 squished people and one table with 4 lonely people. Do the table seating! It makes for a much more comfortable environment for both the couple & the guests. After dinner, people can move around and sit with whomever they want. Some people leave relatively early and it opens up the tables anyway. Seat family up front together so they can talk and be near the bride and groom and don't feel as though you must force the families to get to know each other at your wedding by seating half bride & half groom at each table as old etiquette recommends.

The choice to assign individual seats at each table depends on if you will be serving Buffet or Plate style.

Buffet style or one-choice-only dinner meals requires only assigning a table & let the guests seat themselves wherever they like at that table unless of course you prefer otherwise.

Dinner plate style really requires assigned seating. I recommend ordering a Seating Chart Poster (or two) on display at the entryway(s) to your dining area. Then display place cards at each place setting with each individual guests name. If there was a menu choice on your RSVP card, many venues require you to somehow code the placecards by color, a sticker or embellishment of some kind, or a letter written on the upper corner to indicate which place setting gets what entree choice. Check with your venue as to what they prefer for their servers.

Many brides try to incorporate the place card into the favor.

Reasons to have a Seating Chart Poster displayed at the entryway instead of a table full of Placecards:

  • Easier to read and at eye level 
  • Placecards can get messy - they look good until the first few cards are taken & no need to hastle with them looking perfectly aligned
  • No worry about the guests misplacing them before choosing their seat at their table. They may set them down while mingling with others during social/cocktail hour or place them in their pocket & forget to display them when seated.
  • It is a piece of artwork that serves as decoration the entire night & maybe even afterwards in your home.
  • Can keep for years to come & remember who came to your wedding.
  • If you have an outdoor wedding & it's windy that day placecards may blow around.

Reasons not to have a Seating Chart Poster:
  • The only dis-advantage to seating chart posters is that you cannot make extreme last minute table changes if the poster needs to be shipped to you. Your seating arrangements need to be finalized 2 weeks prior to the wedding - but is it really a big deal if there's one empty seat here or there? Many of the seating chart posters I provide for those that are local, choose to pick the poster up within just a few days of the wedding, even the day before, so last minute changes can usually be made before it goes to print.
Seating Chart Posters
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Seating Chart Poster Pricing

Vertical or Horizontal Layout    -    Rectangle or Square    -   Color or Black & White

Each seating chart poster is created according to your individual theme, colors, lettering styles & ideas you might have.
They are created using graphic arts software for suberb print quality.
Templates are not used so each piece can be a unique work of art.

Group names alphabetically with table number noted next to their name
OR group names by table number/table name.

Generally, the size poster you need is based upon how many lines are on your Excel spreadsheet
& not how many actual people are on your list. But as a general rule:
  • 50 lines or below you can order the 11 x 17 size but many prefer larger because it’s more easily spotted by guests.
  • 51 & 100 lines - 18 x 24 size (although I have done an 18 x 24 with 119 lines)
  • 100 lines & up - 24 x 36 size
It all depends on how spacious you would like it to be/look, if you are including a Menu, separate Head Table box or
what type of graphics, if you want a lot of alphabet groupings or only the minimum amount necessary.

Any size up to 11”x 17”.......... $50.00
For full bleed on this size image area must be 10 x 13 or less
Output on a color laser printer.

Any size up to 18” x 24”......... $115.00
Max. square size is 18" x 18"
Output on a poster printer with sharp color graphics.

Any size up to 24” x 36”......... $165.00
Max. square size is 24" x 24"
Output on a poster printer with sharp color graphics.

You can also order just the final pdf file if you have the means to print the poster yourself.
Prices listed on Order Form/Contract download file.

  • Depending on the size of your guest list & how many entryways there are to your dining area sometime more than one poster may be necessary.
  • You will need to purchase a frame in which to display the poster. I suggest using a Michael’s coupon. Hobby Lobby, Marshall’s, Kohl’s & JoAnn’s are other locations that frequently offer sale pricing here in the Grand Rapids area.
  • You may also need an easel in which to display the framed poster - either  a floor or tabletop model.
  • Posters can be mounted on foam board instead of using your frame (see pricing on Order Form download)
  • Some brides like to purchase the frame first so the poster can be designed according to the style & color of frame but it’s not necessary.

If you are picking up the poster, the completed Order Form/Contract, completed Excel spreadsheet & deposit are due NO LATER THAN  8 working days BEFORE THE DATE YOU NEED THE POSTER IN YOUR HANDS.
Please allow 12 working days if the poster needs to be mailed/shipped to you.
Please allow additional time if you are not located within the Continental United States.

Additional Rush Fee of $25 may apply if info is provided after the due date.

You will receive a color pdf proof prior to printing in about 3 business days after all requirements are received.

More detailed information about timing & pricing is on the Order Form/Contract below


Download an Order Form/Contract here:
Word doc or Pdf format

Download the spreadsheet to use for inputting guest information here:
Excel format

Please email to have any of the above forms emailed to you if your downloads do not work